1. Back-to-School Fitness Tips for Parents

    It’s back to school for your children which means you’re back to being on a time crunch. Between taking your kids to and from school and extracurricular activities, it can be extremely difficult to maintain a regular workout schedule. At Fit Results in Midland, we want to help you maximize your …Read More

  2. How to Maximize Your Gym Membership

    Be honest with yourself — how often do you actually use your gym membership? Though many of us would like to go every day, the reality is that there are times when life happens. For example, maybe there were a few days when you had to work late or run errands instead of getting in a workout on the…Read More

  3. 5 Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

    There are times when working out is the last thing we want to do. After spending weeks or months on end going through the same exercise regimen, we’d rather lay on the couch and binge-watch our favorite Netflix show. This is why we suggest incorporating group fitness classes into your workout rout…Read More

  4. How to Stay Fit During Summer

    Summer is finally here, which means you’ve probably got a number of pool days and vacations on the calendar. As busy as we get this time of year, it’s easy to downplay the importance of regular workouts. The reality, though, is that consistent physical activity goes hand-in-hand with weight loss…Read More

  5. The Best Post-Workout Foods

    Being fit requires more than just hitting the gym several times a week. As we’ve said in previous posts, proper nutrition makes up at least 70 percent of your health and fitness results. While you might be tempted to stop by your favorite fast food joint on your way home from the gym because it’…Read More

  6. The Best Pre-Workout Foods

    Whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose weight, or just get back into shape, having the right fuel in your body is essential for achieving your fitness goals. Think about it — you’re probably not going to see significant gains if you’re stopping at a burger joint on your way to the gym.…Read More

  7. How to Get Your Body Ready for Summer

    While you might not think so at the moment, your summer vacation is just around the corner. Picture it now — a week of relaxing without having a care in the world. But what if you aren’t 100% confident yet to wear all those tank tops, shorts, and swimsuits? Here at Fit Results in Midland, we can…Read More

  8. 5 Fitness Training Mistakes to Avoid

    Maybe you struggled with your New Year’s fitness resolution. On the other hand, perhaps you’re just tired of being a couch potato. Whatever your reason, you’ve decided to get back in shape. Ready to Take Your Fitness to the Next Level? Call Now! Yet many people don’t realize how difficult th…Read More

  9. 7 Tips For Achieving Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

    By this point in January, you’re either sticking to your New Year’s fitness resolutions or you’ve given up on them altogether. At Fit Results Inc., we’re here to tell you that you can get back on track toward achieving those goals. All it takes is breaking them down into smaller, more manage…Read More

  10. What Does A Personal Trainer Do?

    It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? You can feel yourself breathing harder as you walk up the stairs at work. Even something as simple as folding the laundry feels like a workout these days. Don’t sweat it — every now and again, we’re all guilty of letting ourselves get out of shape. But it’s n…Read More