Maybe you struggled with your New Year’s fitness resolution. On the other hand, perhaps you’re just tired of being a couch potato. Whatever your reason, you’ve decided to get back in shape.

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Yet many people don’t realize how difficult this journey can be. So how do you go about transforming your lifestyle in a healthy, sustainable way? First and foremost, you will want to avoid the following five fitness mistakes:

Setting too vague of a goal

This holds true with just about any goal, but especially ones that are fitness-oriented. Sure, you might have intentions of losing weight or adding muscle. But such goals are anything but specific.

At Fit Results in Midland, we work with members to set fitness goals that are clearly defined. For example, if you want to “shed some pounds,” let’s establish a target of losing 10 pounds before an upcoming summer vacation. You might be surprised at how specific goal setting keeps you on track.

Lack of accountability

This is another big one. If you really want to achieve your fitness goals, accountability will be required. Here’s an example: After a long day at work, you have absolutely no desire to go to the gym. Maybe you even think to yourself, “I’ll just double up during tomorrow’s workout.”

It doesn’t take long for this sort of mindset to derail your fitness efforts. So how can you hold yourself accountable even when you don’t want to stay true to your regimen? Here at Fit Results, we recommend either teaming with a workout buddy or hiring a certified personal trainer.

Neglecting nutrition

You can have the best workout program in the world and still fail to achieve your fitness goals. The fact is that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. So start taking your diet seriously and steer clear of fatty, processed foods.

Not sure how you’ll be able to afford healthier food? Then be sure to check out the ample resources online for eating well on a strict budget. Don’t forget to ask the Fit Results staff about nutrition and lifestyle coaching.  

Failing to make time for workouts

This one is more of an excuse than anything else. At Fit Results in Midland, we’ve heard just about every excuse in the book as it’s related to missing workouts. The generic one, though, is “I don’t have time to go to the gym after work.”

Maintaining a sound fitness regimen starts with prioritizing. Take some time to figure out how you can make your workout even if you have family or work responsibilities. Our advice? Try getting into the habit of hitting the gym first thing in the morning. This allows you to keep pushing toward your fitness goals without having to juggle around everything else during the day.

Doing excess research

It never hurts to read several fitness and nutrition resources prior to changing your lifestyle. The trouble in doing this is that people dive too deep into these articles and wind up feeling reluctant to actually start. So get moving on your new path and remember you can always fine-tune certain things as you figure out what works best.

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