It’s back to school for your children which means you’re back to being on a time crunch. Between taking your kids to and from school and extracurricular activities, it can be extremely difficult to maintain a regular workout schedule. At Fit Results in Midland, we want to help you maximize your time and energy so you can continue to reap the benefits of an active lifestyle.  

Here are five back-to-school fitness tips for parents.

Plan out healthy meals in advance

Parents often find themselves trying to beat the clock during the first few weeks of the school year. It makes sense, especially when you consider that families are acclimating to a new routine. However, in order to ensure their family eats together and at a reasonable time, parents will stop at a local fast food joint on busy nights.

We get it — it’s impossible to think you can prepare a home-cooked meal every single night during the week. This is why so many Midland parents are planning out their family’s dinners in advance. Our advice? Give yourself an hour every Sunday evening to plan healthy dinners for nights the following week that you know will be hectic.

Schedule your workouts

Don’t think you have the time to exercise? There’s probably a way you can squeeze in a daily workout, even if that means going before work, after work, or during your lunch break. Schedule workouts on your phone’s calendar as a way to hold you accountable even when you may not be in the mood to exercise.

Participate in a fun class

Not everyone gets excited about running on a treadmill or lifting weights, especially after a long day at the office. In order to maintain a fitness training regimen throughout the year, you need variety. Consider getting involved in a pickup basketball game, participating in a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session, or checking out a new fitness class at your gym. There’s no question that the more you enjoy your workouts, the more likely you are to continue with them.

Be accountable

This is easier said than done. While it’s one thing to come up with an incredible fitness training program, it’s another thing to actually follow it for an extended period of time. If you think you may have a difficult time getting in regular workouts, you may want to find a fitness buddy.

Play with your kids

Seriously! What better way to stay active than by playing with your kids? Take the time several nights a week to play soccer in the backyard, go on a bike ride, or shoot hoops in the driveway. These are the moments that your entire family will cherish.

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