FIT Transformation Training™ (FTT) is our proven, results-driven and trademarked personal fitness training program offering an exciting and intense group experience. Clients also receive private personal training sessions, nutritional & lifestyle coaching, online meal planning and Fit Results facility access with this exciting program. FTT system captures data such as heart rate, calories burned, training zone and intensity, helping to take FTT to the next level above all others.

FTT is a scientifically-based training system proven to be the most effective and efficient way to increase strength and endurance. FTT is not CrossFit; we offer safe, effective workouts based on scientifically proven training methods.  FTT utilizes HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), functional training, metabolic conditioning and more.

Each session incorporates short, timed sets, bursts and sprints, alternating between high-intensity cardio and strength training, utilizing rowers, battle ropes, cardio drills, strength treadmills, plyometrics, teamwork drills, sandbags, slam balls, kettlebells, medicine balls, ski trainers, Versa Climbers, gliders, agility drills and much more.

No two sessions are ever the same as our professional coaches utilize a variety of energy systems, pushing you to your limits, making it an amazingly efficient way to achieve the results you want. FTT is perfect if you want to lose as much fat as possible while adding muscle and staying lean or just to get fit or stay fit.

FTT is also great for both beginner and expert exercisers, increasing your metabolism, helping reduce insulin resistance, improving cardiac function, and producing faster gains in endurance than steady state cardio training. FTT workouts are so effective that you can continue to burn calories for up to 36 hours after each session. No elliptical or treadmill can do that!