I am a personal trainer at Fit Results, the new level of fitness. I have been with Fit for a year and a half when I first started my personal training career. Before becoming a personal trainer, I had been working on my own health and wellness for a total of three years and fell in love with it. I knew after seeing the results that I wanted to help change lives one person at a time. I’ve learned a lot firsthand in my journey to being healthy and I am passionate about passing that on through working as a personal trainer. I recently gave birth to a baby girl who has changed my perspective on being healthy once again. I believe living a healthy lifestyle prolongs the quality of life in every aspect and I am determined to influence others to believe the same.

Credentials: Certified Personal Trainer
Trainer Interests: Travel, reading, swimming, and exercise


I was born and raised here in Midland, TX. After graduating high school, I moved to Seattle, WA where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Washington. Growing up, I was always thin, but I was far from fit or healthy. I wasn’t allowed to play sports, so I focused all of my energy on academics. That all changed almost 3 years ago when my oldest brother, a Chief in the US Navy, passed away. Losing my brother left me weak both mentally and physically and after almost a year of grieving, I knew that I had to make a drastic lifestyle change. My brother was my main inspiration to get after it in the gym and take control of my health. After about a year of learning and training myself, I decided to leave architecture and pursue what had literally saved my life—fitness. My passion for fitness began through my own healing, but my mission is to help others achieve their own results through personal training. Whether you are trying to build confidence, increase performance, improve mental health, build muscle and/or lose fat, etc.—-there is a nutrition and training modality out there for you and I am here to help you find it. Currently, I am working on becoming a NASM Certified Personal trainer and I am in the Certified Nutrition Coach program at the Institute of Transformational Nutrition.

Credentials: Certified Personal Trainer
Trainer Interests: I really enjoy reading and listening to podcasts. Living in the PNW for 8 years I had a lot of access to the outdoors, so I love to camp and am an avid hiker, mountaineer, climber, and kayaker. I also love to run marathons, cook awesome food, travel, volunteer, and spend time with my family.


I believe that as personal trainers we are more than just a support system; we are pushers! Expectations are put on the table and are achieved. My main objectives are client success and care. I have three years of experience under my belt and within those three years, I have worked with ages 8 to 76. There’s nothing the Fit Results team can’t handle! I specialize in athletic training and used to play for the local semi-pro team The West Texas Pride. I also have an associate degree in science and am currently finishing up with my bachelor’s in biology. My passion is for the people; it’s the journey. Time and time again, I’m reminded of the positive effects exercise has on my own physical and psychological well-being, and my appreciation for what our bodies and minds can achieve is ever-increasing. What motivates you?

Credentials: Associate degree in science, NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Trainer Interests: Playing football, basketball, and fishing


I firmly believe that with proper diet and exercise we can live our best life and live to our fullest potential. I
have been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years working with all client types and all levels. I
live to inspire others to be their best selves. My goal through continued education and growth is to help
people to be better and fitter than they think they can be. To inspire the success and dreams of everyone
I work with. Currently, I am studying for my Board of Certification Exam to become a licensed Athletic

Credentials: BS in Athletic Training with a minor in Biology, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective
Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Weight Loss
Trainer Interests: I love any and all physical activity. I love to read. I love spending time with friends and


Growing up I was always involved in gymnastics, soccer, and softball. I have a love for the outdoors and have completed 50-mile hiking and canoeing trips in Alaska and Minnesota. My passion for fitness led me to earn a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology with an exercise science concentration from the University of
Texas at El Paso. My philosophy focuses on functional training to improve the overall well-being of my clients and to empower them by support, knowledge, and skills through their journey toward a healthier lifestyle. I want to share my enthusiasm, encourage a happier lifestyle, and help you realize what your body is capable of.

Credentials: Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Trainer Interests: Hiking, camping, and most outdoor sports


I am dedicated to improving my clients’ overall quality of life while helping them progressively achieve each and every goal—no matter how big or small. I have been working in the fitness industry for over nine years now and believe that accountability is one of the most important aspects of training and health and that without it, it’s all too easy to fall victim to past mistakes and bad habits. With a BS in biology and minor in chemistry, a discipline that is integral when working with, motivating, and training clientele, my mission is to educate and empower my clients to live healthier and happier lives. Together we can get you lean, fit, and toned in a safe and healthy way with your own customized training program. My areas of expertise include weight loss, sports performance training, nutrition, muscle gain/ definition, core and balance, and strength training.

Credentials: BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry, NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Trainer Interests: Spending time with my son, Traveling and Outdoor Activities


I was born in Brownwood but have lived all over Texas, as well as California and South Carolina. I have always had a passion for fitness and nutrition and truly enjoy helping others reach their goals. I try to create a training environment that not only motivates but also empowers individuals to continually challenge themselves in a fun and rewarding way. I attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, graduating in 2013. I am currently in the International Sports Science Academy Master’s program. One of the aspects I am proud of most is that Fit Results is like a family, always helping, encouraging, and motivating you to achieve. When I am not helping my clients, I spend my free time with my children. We like to spend our Saturday mornings looking for races to run or just being outside whether at the park, a lake when we can get to one, or just barbecuing in the backyard. I have one daughter and two sons. My personal goals are to finish school and be the best I can be and inspire others to live a life that they are happy to wake up to.

Credentials: Certified Health Coach
Trainer Interests: Family game nights and Netflix during the evenings, as well as studying and trying to learn on almost any subject


I’ve been involved in exercise programs and routines most of my life. Although I have a BA, my passion lies in helping people see the beauty within themselves while helping them achieve their health and wellness goals. I understand everyone is unique, and I strive to meet the individual needs of each client. My goal is to help you live your best life!
I have 2 sons, 1 daughter, 3 stepsons and a happy, health grandson that keep me busy and make my life a blast.

Credentials: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
Trainer Interests: Family game nights and Netflix during the evenings, as well as studying and trying to learn on almost any subject


Fitness changed my entire life four years ago and I have been using my personal experience and my strong passion for health & fitness to change the lives of others ever since. I am a firm believer in the benefits of functional training. I am here to help you reach your goals whether short-term or long-term, providing you with the tools to be fit and healthy for the rest of your life. My goal is to help people realize their potential, gain confidence, and take their life back. I believe that with the right training program, a bit of determination and support, anyone can achieve their goals.

Credentials: NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Trainer Interests: Reading, drawing, painting, bible study, writing, and music


I grew up with not much nutritional or health and fitness guidance. I was always the “chubby kid” in class growing up in school until one summer in high school, I took it upon myself to change that. I spent many late nights that summer researching and doing what I could to learn as much as I could about fitness. Using what I was learning, I took action, and with a lot of trial and error, I was able to build a solid base of knowledge and personal experience. Now I strive to continue learning and have a lifelong career in the health and fitness industry assisting people in creating healthy habits and changing their lives for the better. I love to see my clients achieve their personal health and fitness goals, through a tailored approach of regular fitness activities and guided fitness programs.

Credentials: NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Trainer Interests: Fitness and nutrition. I spend much of my free time exploring and learning new training techniques and different types of nutritional programs. I also enjoy working on cars. My family is really into drag racing.


I am Zane Fergerson, a Midland native and personal trainer at Fit Results. Fitness has always been a part of my life due to my involvement in multiple sports and has played a significant role in my life and helped in showing me the meaning of an achievable path when actions are taken in a disciplinary way that supports a desired outcome. I am currently in my last year at the United States Sports Academy pursuing my degree in Exercise Science in Strength and Conditioning. My passion is to better myself and those around me.

Credentials: ISSA Master Trainer with certifications in Strength and Conditioning, Senior Fitness, Youth Fitness, Group Fitness, and Fitness Nutrition
Trainer Interests: Golf, hiking, and travel

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