Meet Our Fitness Professionals


Achieve your health and fitness goals with results-based personal fitness training from Fit Results in Midland. Our certified, experienced fitness training professionals work with you on an individual level to help you lose weight, get in shape, and improve your overall health.

With a personal fitness trainer by your side, you can achieve your health and fitness goals and take your workouts to the next level. Our personal trainers won’t just give you a quick, temporary fix – they help you make lasting changes to your lifestyle so you can look and feel healthier. At Fit Results, our personal fitness trainers are certified, experienced and committed to providing you with top-notch fitness assistance and guidance. They not only help you maximize your workout but also help you stay motivated and accountable.

By providing customized exercise plans combined with nutritional and lifestyle coaching, our fitness trainers help you achieve your health and fitness goals faster — whether it’s slimming down a few pant sizes or just getting in better shape.

There isn’t a better way to reach your fitness goals than with personal fitness training.

Our training programs include:

  • Detailed health and fitness assessment and goal setting
  • Tailored workout plans that suit your personal fitness needs
  • Customized, one-on-one personal training with a focused workout plan
  • Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations with meal plans
  • Access to our online meal planning and tracking program
  • Expert advice on working out so you avoid common setbacks in the gym
  • Extra motivation and support to help you reach your health and fitness goals

People of all ages, body types and levels of fitness can benefit from the services of a personal trainer.

The body is a complex machine that requires exercise and fuel to obtain optimum results. A personal trainer helps you achieve these results by addressing your individual needs and requirements to immediately formulate a plan of action personally suited for you and your lifestyle.

Health & Fitness Assessment / Program Design

New clients begin with an initial consultation with one of our certified and experienced personal fitness trainers to personally go over your health and fitness history, nutrition habits, and lifestyle. Next, an InBody Analysis (a cutting-edge noninvasive body composition analyzer) is used to measure your body composition. Then your trainer will go over the results and discuss your goals and work with you to put together a plan of action designed for your goals.

Our programs also include nutritional and lifestyle coaching, helping you achieve quicker and better results. Your trainer will work with you on nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to help you get the most out of your program with Fit Results. You will be assisted by your trainer in setting up meal planning and lifestyle tracking using our online meal planning program that you will be able to utilize online or on your smartphone having your own online account.

Personal Training Packages

Our packages are designed with you in mind, allowing for different budgets and schedules to get you real results. Training of half-hour or hour-long sessions can be purchased individually through set number session packages, month-to-month packages or our most popular 12-month training packages. Couple and group packages are also available for those wanting to train with family or friends. Convenient payment plans are available to assist you as you take action for a healthier, happier you. Our packages are based on your schedule with a number of training sessions dependent on your goals and include the benefits of the PFT Membership Plan (details below), providing you with full access to our state-of-the-art fitness facility.

PFT Membership Plan

Another benefit of being involved in our results-based personal fitness training programs, setting Fit Results apart from any other program, is the PFT Membership Plan at Fit Results. This plan is included with our packages, giving you VIP discounted fees on your gym membership or complimentary membership. The PFT Membership Plan was designed to further help you get results and reach your goals. *Restrictions may apply for current members.

Contact our Top Rated Local® fitness training facility in Midland, Texas with any questions regarding our programs.