1. How to Maximize Your Gym Membership

    Be honest with yourself — how often do you actually use your gym membership? Though many of us would like to go every day, the reality is that there are times when life happens. For example, maybe there were a few days when you had to work late or run errands instead of getting in a workout on the…Read More

  2. The Best Post-Workout Foods

    Being fit requires more than just hitting the gym several times a week. As we’ve said in previous posts, proper nutrition makes up at least 70 percent of your health and fitness results. While you might be tempted to stop by your favorite fast food joint on your way home from the gym because it’…Read More

  3. The Best Pre-Workout Foods

    Whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose weight, or just get back into shape, having the right fuel in your body is essential for achieving your fitness goals. Think about it — you’re probably not going to see significant gains if you’re stopping at a burger joint on your way to the gym.…Read More

  4. The Best Times To Workout For Weight Loss

    Finding the time to workout in the day-to-day grind that is life can be a difficult task. However, there is a difference between finding time and making time to workout, and the latter is what will help you achieve your fitness goals quicker and maintain your health for longer. But did you know that…Read More

  5. What To Do At The Gym

    If you just signed up for the gym — maybe you even signed up for the best gym in Midland — you might need some help navigating around. The many machines, free weights, and what-have which line the floors and walls of the gym might leave you feeling overwhelmed and at a loss for where to start. B…Read More

  6. What To Look For In A Gym

    The fitness craze is real. That means there are gyms, fitness centers, and other exercise facilities popping up like hotcakes on every corner block around the United States. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing — we are all for emphasizing good health and fitness regimens. However, with all o…Read More